Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last 2 days/summary by Lynn

For those of you that are still reading the blog, this will probably be
the last entry. I finished my transcontinental tour on Thursday Oct.
2. Our final destination was Tybee Island in Georgia. It was a short
day of 87 miles. There was a banquet that evening where Susan handed
out plaques to us with our pictures. She made memorable comments to
each of us as we accepted our award. I am glad the ride is over and
that I was able to do every mile without being sagged.

There were four memorable days. The first day was rough with the full cramping I
experienced riding from San Diego to El Centro CA. Day 8 was the
hardest day of riding I have EVER experienced in all my days of cycling
when we rode from Socorro NM to Ruidoso NM. We had 30 mph headwinds
with 7250 ft. of climbing. It was a brutal day. We struggled to go 8
mph downhill. The third day I remember was day 16 when we left
McAlester OK and headed to Mena Arkansas. We rode the Talimena Parkway
with 10,000 feet of climbing and fast descents. Mike and I sang show
tunes, 70's and 80's songs and country music as we climbed. I had a
fun day.

The best day was day 11 when I hooked up with Mike riding
from Clovis NM to Amarillo TX. That's when I started riding with Mike
everyday. He pulled me the rest of the way across the country and made
me stronger for it. His objective was to train and get stronger on
this tour and I wanted the same thing. It worked out perfectly. Susan
(tour director) told me after the banquet that once the two of us
started riding together the crew always looked for us on the road and
would say there goes Mike and Lynn.

I'm very lost without him now. I'm so used to seeing him everyday and now there is emptiness.
I need a new goal. I've ridden some since returning home on Friday, but my legs and bike are shot at this point. Both need an overhaul. I probably should give both a slight rest.

Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support and encouragement.

It has truly been an emotional and physical journey for me. I have learned a lot about myself these last four weeks.

Pictures- Stage win in Eufaula, Alabama and getting a rental car to come home-subtitle: saying goodbye to Mike.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tueday- TWO MORE DAYS to go

Lynn went to Cracker Barrel for dinner. Woo hoo. She said there was nothing else around there. They'll be in Metter GA, a very small town today, Wed. But, Tuesday was a shorter day of 106 miles. They are in Perry GA and on eastern time right now. Yes, that's right-Two days to go.

Wed. they will ride 117 miles to Metter and on Thursday 87 miles to Tybee Island outside of Savannah. I think she's physically ready for the ride to be over. I'm sure it's been a long month of hard riding. If she decides to do another bike adventure, I think she might scale back to no more than a two week stretch. She said she's had a great time.

The first week was iffy. I don't think she was really feeling her place and she didn't really seem to have anyone to hang out with since she went on this ride completely alone- and you know Lynn is somewhat shy at first. Fortunately she hooked up with Mike to ride with during the day and it seems to have most dinners at night with. I'm sure it would have been a very long 26 days without her new friend, Mike.

Of course, I think Lynn feels she will probably never see any of these people again, but all in all she said, "It has been a wonderful life changing experience that I will always remember."

Lynn said she's already been asked about riding on Saturday when she gets home this weekend. Wow- do you think she'll do a century?

I really don't think so - in fact, I think she said Sat. will be "a spin out my legs day."

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

BY the way....

Len's blog revealed this little bit of info:

As of Monday September 29, 2008, 110 miles (177 km) - The Grand Total so far: 2,663 miles (4,286 km) --

Day 23 Greenville to Eufaula

I haven't been able to talk with Lynn. It seems she tried to call but each time the call was apparantly dropped- But again, According to Susan, "Today was 111 miles across the remainder of Alabama. Our good luck with the weather continued, but it was almost too hot. The afternoon high temp was 95 degrees which is almost a record for September 25th. Only three more days across Georgia are remaining. We are starting to smell the finish." I'm not sure how Lynn is doing or if she is still adding on miles - and I haven't seen her in the photos- so Let's just hope she's hanging in there...not long now.

Day 22 Livingston to Greenville

According to Susan, "Everyone loved the roads in Alabama! Gentle hills and glass smooth pavement helped everyone average almost 20 mph most of the morning. Good weather stayed with us again with warmer than typical temperatures. Everyone is counting down the days to the finish with anticipation of no rain the past two weeks."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 21-Sunday

I think Lynn rode 128 miles today (Sunday) and she really sounded exhausted but happy. After the ride, I know she got a massage then she went to Wal-mart with her riding buddy so he could get some stuff for his cold then they went out for food at El Rodeo. I bet she's sick of Mexican food - it seems like she eats it quite a bit on this ride. Afterwards, I'm pretty sure she went back to her room to crash early. She said she was tired. Can you imagine? She also said today (Monday) is a shorter day of 110 miles, but I think there will be some climbing though.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Day 20

Lynn sent an email which was suppose to include a photo but it didn't-- She said she was at the laundromat in Livingston AL. She said it was a hard ride today and she was very tired.

She completed 116 miles and 4500 feet of climbing today- Tomorrow is 126 miles. I hope she feels better than she seemed to feel when typing that email.

Friday day 19

Lynn was in Koscuiusko MS Friday night. It was a really taxing ride Friday. They ended up riding 150 miles instead of 144 due to missing a turn. Then there were long stretches of gravel and thick dirt to plow through. She said she ended up falling at one point and scraped up her knee--Nothing serious though. The road was busy with large trucks who she said "would just as soon run over you as to get out of the way." It was apparently a stressful ride. She and Mike finished first, but it sounds like they really didn't enjoy the ride this time. We have a joke about someone who we could never picture saying this phrase and she said it, "We just wanted to 'git r done.'" She was tired Friday. But she said tomorrow would be shorter---116 miles,

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Make sure you look at Susan's pictures- I was just catching up on some-

Lynn and Mike are shown on day 16 and there are some great photos showing the huge climbs they had to conquer.

Day 16 Lynn SMILING after that day of climbing!

Day 17 - the pic I was looking for! Lynn in a dress that Mike dared her to wear to Breakfast if he bought it- so he did and she did.....

Day 18 Pictures of Lynn and Mike riding up and down the hill to get their 100 miles in each day.

And Day 19 Susan's blog said, "We left Pine Bluff and pedaled across the flat delta region of Arkansas. Cotton fields and rice farming were the main use of land today. The ride seemed flat but we still had 1,500 feet of climbing during 134 miles. We crossed the Mississippi River today marking the beginning of the final eastern third of our tour."

I hope to at least get a report from how Lynn's ride went on Day 19 but if I don't we have these guys lovely reports with special interests in Lynn listed above.

day 17 and 18

Sorry I have no info for these days. I think Lynn does not want to bog me with blogging due to the death of my brother- her only messages have been just checking on me - if she left other info- I was oblivious to it and I appreciate her thinking about me and not being concerned with herself or this blog in the midst of this incredible adventure of hers- That just shows what kind of friend Lynn is to me and her other buddies. However, I emailed her tonight to keep the info coming and I will try to keep posting every few days.

You can always go to or

which is Len's blog.

Also, Martin emailed out some interesting facts/stats, which I'm sure he won't mind me pasting here also:

"Just for kicks, as of the end of Wed, Sep-24th, Lynn has ridden 100 miles or more 37 times so far this year. Also another 24 rides that were at least a metric century. So far on PacTour, including the 15 mile San Diego beach ride the day before the Tour officially started, she has 19 PacTour rides for an estimated 1997 miles at an avg 17.4 mph pace (slowest was the 107 mile HEAD WIND ride to Ruidoso, NM at 12.9 mph // fastest so far was the 111 mile TAIL WIND ride three days later to Amarillo, TX at 22.6 mph)."

PS thank you coach Dan.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 15 and 16

Lynn hasn't sent any pictures for these days-But- remember you can check out the previously posted link to get to Susan's pictures. I'll check it out tonight and post the link again in the next couple of days.

Monday she rode 113 miles with 10,000 feet of climbing- yes I said TEN THOUSAND feet of climbing on the Talimena Parkway! It was a hard day for her. She said they (her and her riding buddy) got up to 45 mph on descent! She gets nervous I think coming down so fast. But, she said it was exhilarating after huffing up the mountain -- Yet- as soon as she descended, she would immediately climb again. She said the tour people took their picture at the lunch rest. They were told to wear their favorite jerseys - She wore what she called her "Go Girl" jersey- that her friends Larissa and Michelle gave her for her birthday.

She said she rode with Mike again (who has seemed to make this trip a lot more fun for her). They took it pretty easy on the first fifty miles before the climb started- then they sang show tunes and bad 80s songs to lighten the day. She said she used her "granny gear" today but had trouble trimming it when she shifted. Fortunately she didn't throw her chain.

Tuesday was a short day 87 miles--but her riding buddy wanted to hammer it and get in a century. So- they did- they added on- were later getting to the lunch stop - so basically stayed "out of trouble." I think she is in Arkedelphia- Arkansas.

9 more days??

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 12, 13 and 14 (The weekend)

Well-- this weekend, the rides have sounded pretty good overall. I am going mostly by voicemails- as I had guests and a party and never seemed to get to the phone in time to catch up with her.

Friday she left a voicemail that she rode with Mike and really enjoyed it- Apparently, she also went with him and Kurt to dinner and they were trying to convince her to go to some Cowboy Bar there in OK. That was funny-Of course she said, "No." Or that's what she said she said- Ha wonder if she went???

Saturday, I got a message that she made it to Purcell OK and she was "dead tired" as it was a hilly course. She rode with Mike and again really enjoyed it but they got to the lunch stop too early (again) and they were in the doghouse -again . Because of this, they were punished--they would have to start the ride last in the morning. She said Mike was calling her a "trouble maker" - said in fun- of course. But the real new nickname for her is "Bicycle Spice Girl!"

I think she said she went out to dinner with Mike and Kurt again that night. They sound like her new Posse' as she is quite fond of them. Lastly, tonight, Sunday, I got a message that she and Mike were going out to Chili's and she talked about how Good her new young friend, Mike has been to her. She said she had to buy a new wheel today because she ran over some machinery part in the road. A hundred and thirty bucks not expected---oddly she didn't seem too upset about it because she repeated how great Mike has been to her-how fast he is to ride with and generally how kind he is etc... She did sound a little nervous when she went on to say they will have a steep climb-- 8500 feet tomorrow--She also got a massage and is drinking lots of water. Hopefully- she can relax at dinner and not stress about it. Maybe Mike will give her a pep talk and pull her most of the way- The last thing on her message was that she'd call tomorrow- "If I survive."

The picture is Mike and Lynn - stage win on day 14-

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 11

To Shamrock Texas---She texted that she was having a float at DQ and apparently there is "not much" in Sharock Texas. She seems glad she is getting closer to home ---today (day 12 she crosses in to OK!!) I think TODAY is officially her half way through the trip mark - You get a visual of how far she's gone in the above picture of her and friends holding the map in Texas!

You know Lynn is lovin' This!



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 10

Message from Lynn:

"What a great day of riding. Day 10 is done. 107.5 miles of riding with a tailwind. I rode with Mike from Ohio. We averaged 21 mph for the ride. It was soooo much fun. At one point he asked me if the pace was okay and I said yes afraid to look at how fast we were going - 28.7 with no effort. Amazing what a difference a tailwind makes. We are in Clovis NM today and tomorrow we ride to Amarillo TX. We're staying at the Big Texan home of the 72 ounce steak. I wonder if anyone will order it. Right now everyone is hanging out by the pool having gin and tonics. I'm at the pool but not drinking g & t. I just finished a chocolate milkshake. It felt good against my cracked chapped dry lips. I look like a raccoon from all of the sun. I have progressed to 70 SPF sunblock on my face and 50 SPF everywhere else. I try not to look in the mirror anymore. It's frightening. No interesting scenery today. Just straight interstate riding with very little traffic. It's been kind of nice seeing so much undeveloped land so far on this trip. Thanks Mount Vernon Middle School for the terrific stars with encouraging words. Excellent!"

Students: I set it up so you should now be able to Google: "mount vernon middle school" and pull up this blog. Your support, comments, mail and the fact that you are following / keeping up with Lynn through this blog means a lot to her!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 9 Messages from Lynn

This is another message sent by Lynn:

"A much better day of riding as compared to yesterday. A short day, only 97 miles. I actually had time to do my laundry and go to the infamous UFO museum in Roswell after I got back. It was very nice to have the afternoon to do stuff. There wasn't a lot of exciting scenery today. Some climbing and rolling terrain. I rode most of the ride solo. Just did my own thing. Having daily issues with my derailler and have to keep getting it adjusted. I hope my beloved bike will survive this trip. It is definitely beginning to balk. Tomorrow we head to Clovis NM. On Wed. we will be crossing over into Texas. We are a third of the way done. Is it Oct. yet?"

I talked to Lynn while she was doing her Laundry. Her voice is tired. We talked for a while but didn't really say much. She again indicated the trip was much more challenging than she had thought it would be. But said she'd met some really nice people. She also mentioned she had seen a SPIDER in NM that was the size of a hand!! It was crossing the rode. Wild huh?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 8

"OMG! I have never experienced such a brutal day of riding in my life. 105 miles of riding into STRONG headwind and crosswind for the entire ride AND 6800 ft. of climbing mostly from mile 65 to the end. I had a flavorful vocabulary by the end of the ride. The ride was so windy at over 30 mph that it took 8 hours to complete the ride. This was actual time on the bike. Our rest stops were moved up several miles each time to give people time to recover a bit. Many people sagged (for those of you - students who may not know this means something to do with support assisted- basically got a ride the rest of the way) portions of the ride. Miraculously I made it through the whole thing. I rode in with Hans from Sweden and we were following one of the crew that was riding today and missed our turn into the hotel. We ended up riding over a mile down a very steep hill which we had to climb back up to get to the hotel. Hans the gentleman said as we were climbing back up the "mountain" that he was not happy. I on the other hand was not so gracious. By that time, I was close to tears after the day of riding I had.Tomorrow is "supposed" to be an easier day of 97 miles of riding with less climbing. Of course today was supposed to be easier too. I hope there is NO wind.That's all for now. Too windy to stop and take any pictures today. Len should be writing up the day on his blog tonight so be sure to check it out. Susan took a bunch of pictures today as well. All are on the website."

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 7 message from Lynn

"Whew, a lot of miles today. 152 to 157 miles depending on whose computer you looked at. Crossed over the Continental Divide today at an elevation of around 7700 ft. I'm now in Socorro NM. Tomorrow is a 'light' day of riding - 105 miles. Ha ha. 6800 ft of climbing though after the first 65 miles. Ouch. Intestinal issues, sunburn and sore legs seem to be my only complaints so far. Had dinner at the Sonic tonight. Do you think that might have some affect on my digestive tract? Not much to choose from in Socorro and sounds like even less in Ruidoso where we'll be Sunday night. Rode some of the miles with a tandem today. Had a great time sucking their wheel at 33 mph, later they were too much for me descending. Too fast. I'd need boulders in my pockets to give me the weight and momentum to stay with them. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. They ride every other day since they are part of the crew. That's the deal with being on the crew, work one day and ride the next. Remember to check out Susan's pictures and Len's blog at Len does a great write up with pics, maps and comments.

Thank you Mount Vernon Middle School for the faxes, blog comments, postcards and chocolate. You guys are awesome. Time for bed."

Day 6

Day 6 is over. Lynn said it was 118 miles of riding with terrible head winds during the last 25 miles. Tomorrow will be a long day. She will have to ride 157 miles to Soccoro NM. It sounds like Lynn and John have been arriving to the lunch stop first everyday and I think they were put in the "doghouse" for it and told to delay their start today- She said she didn't even ride with John much anymore because he is just too fast. I know some of you reading this are thinking, wow- Lynn met her match in speed! I was.

Isn't it wild that she is riding with a 20 ish year old young man- pretty cool that she can keep up ---even if it's only on some days.

Day 5 is done -

Lynn at the end of day five.

Little John

This is the speedy young fellow from Liverpool that Lynn has Been riding with....


Winslow Arizona- -Message from Lynn:
Thanks Adri, Dave and Lamar- Yummy Chocolate Milkshake

DAY FIVE- still a long road ahead

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I talked with Lynn on the phone at length she said, they were in Cottonwood AZ. She indicated that this tour was harder than she thought it would be and I said, "Well you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig." She seemed sort of confused by what I said but I got a chuckle out of it anyway-and then I explained that 4 months ago McCain used this line to describe Hilary's healthcare plan and nobody heard about it but this week when Obama used it it in a similar way it was all over the news- politics- They aren't watching any TV when they hit the rooms I guess-- But anyway, to me, to ride a bike across the country was always a pig-lipstick or not- it has to be stinking hard-Well that's my opinion.

Lynn sent this info to me about Day 4, "7000 feet of climbing today. Three mountains. What a day. I enjoyed it. I took my time climbing alone. Some scary descending into the town of Jerome. Quaint little town then more descending into Cottonwood. John and I were first to arrive. Some people stopped in Jerome for coffee or ice cream. I just picked up a quart of choc milk which I am nursing until dinner. My appetite seems to be back to normal. Heat was not a factor today. We even got caught in some cold rain outside of Prescott. Had my rain jacket stuffed in my back pocket so I was able to protect my arms, but my hands went numb from the Reynauds. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day of climbing. Hope I have something left in my legs. I'm dangling my legs in the pool now. "

Day 3 in detail

Wow. These photos by Susan are terrific. Lynn sent me this - as she is not able to take that many pictures with her cell while riding. Please click the link and then go to Susan's photos -

There is a great photo on day 3 so click the Susan's photos link above then click on Susan's photos then click day 3 for the one of Lynn getting spritzed by Tracy. I like to just click slide show and see the day.

Please do keep coming to this blog, though to catch from her, how Lynn is doing and to see any pictures she may be able to get with her phone. I will periodically repeat the link to Susan's photos.

As for day 3 - Lynn said, "It was a pretty good day. 114 miles from Blythe CA to Wickenburg AZ. Not as hot, 103 degrees, but felt cooler than yesterday. Rode with little John again from Liverpool. I'm sure he is tired of pulling me everyday. He is so YOUNG and strong. I think everyone had a good day of riding except for Hans from Sweden. He's so sweet. I think the heat has been a factor. I can't believe I have 23 more days of this. What was I thinking? Tomorrow is a lot of climbing. Ugh. My appetite has been better today. I was able to eat lunch at the rest stop in Gladden with hundreds of flies and livestock nearby. I've started diluting my Gatorade as it is making me sick on my stomach. Taking a lot of electrolyte caps and even with the intake my shorts are white with salt. It's been very hot. As for scenery, miles of desert, but beautiful mountains to gaze at along the way. I spent most of time focusing on John's back wheel. Lots of RV camping along the way. We rode on interstate 78 for 31 miles before taking the Wickenburg exit and then we had 80 plus miles from there with alternating tail and head winds before finishing."

I suppose Lynn is still riding across the dessert

flies and more flies

Lunch stop Gladden Az yesterday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Day 1 and 2

Well, I'm going to try to remember everything Lynn has told me, which isn't a whole whole lot. I did get a voicemail after I called concerned because I had not heard how day one went. The voicemail revealed excruciating pain in her voice. Her voice was also definitely tired and weak and she really sounded out of breath. This was really unusual for me to hear in her voice. She said she was too tired to email. At over 120 degrees on day one, it was just a very very hard first day. She had terrible cramps- she said she had to pry her fingers apart. She said at the 100 mile mark, the cramps became almost unbearable. Her shorts were completely white from sweat and she absolutely had to get a massage due to cramps in her calfs and feet. She assured me that the cramping was inspite of constant hydration etc. Many people had to be SAGGED in on day one....she said it was mostly desert- sand and heat probably similar to the pictures she sent.

She also said they did 7000 feet of climbing this first day. After all that, the electricity was out all over town when they got to their hotel. Overall, though, by the end of her voicemail she sounded like she was really glad to have made it through the first day and would be ready for day two.

Day two- I did talk with Lynn briefly last night. She said it wasn't quite as hot, but still over a 100 degrees. She didn't have the cramping but did indicate that it was more challenging than she had planned and said she couldn't believe how far away from October it is now.

She has a very nice roommate- a 66 y.o. woman who has done these tours before. This lady was of course, sagged in on day one and I think Lynn mentioned that when her roommate saw Lynn's pain on arrival on day one, she helped her get her suitcase up the stairs. She seemed grateful to have someone so kind after a hard long day one-- As for day two, it was indeed referred to as a "MUCH BETTER DAY."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting ready

Lynn's email tonight said they had a big meeting and the organizers apparently seem to be concerned about the heat as they start out across the desert tomorrow at 6am. She mentioned they are providing socks with ice. I shot a quick email back that said- "Hot Yoga probably prepared you for this- you'll be fine." I'm sure she will be fine but it's not the best way to start out. Pictured is a map they have in the hotel with an agenda and her PAC jersey.

Ride to the Pacific

A relaxing ride to the beach the day before they start out across the USA.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The flights - first class all the way

Above, Lynn nervously checked in at the airport, but in no time, she was on her cell telling me how nice first class was with this airline and what smooth flights.
Special thanks to Heath who helped by hooking her up with good airlines, upgraded tickets and smooth flights and special thanks to Heath for getting her there on time and even walking her up to snap some photos. We also know Heath and Martin (Walter's Daddy) will be taking good care of the sweet boy for the whole month that Lynn is gone.

one last hug goodbye

Heath snapped a few pictures when she picked lynn up yesterday- here is one of Lynn hugging Walter - one last time before heading out.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Leavin' on a jetplane

Here, lynn is waiting with her gear to go to the airport- 7:15am 9/5/08- soon she'll be leavin' on a jetplane - One way ticket to California....

Lynn and Walter

The Bicycle chain has been very helpful to Lynn. I know even yesterday, ONE DAY before leaving, she was working with them on getting helmet pads. Oh and Look at the lovely apparel she's wearing above!

Also, pictured above, the love of her life, Walter- I think Lynn will miss Walter the most!

Lynn and Walter


Lynn can't stop talking about how much everyone's support has meant to her through this. Recently, she received a number of cards/letters from a special group of kids, and from her friends at DHSR.

She was really touched by both and wanted to extend a special thanks to friends at work/DHSR for the encouragement and recent gift(s).

She really has appreciated all of her friends so much.


Lyn's had it all mapped it for a while now. I believe the second map was given to a bright, ambitious and energetic classroom of teens and yes, the top map is for her co-workers to follow! Everyone is amazed at her determination and physical ability.

The party's over

The party ended and it was back to training for lynn.


Not as easy as it used to be?

A special message

There was even a special message for Lynn from HILARY (via Cindy)- and as you see here, I think almost everyone got a "kick" of that!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Taverna Agora

Wow, it's time for me to start getting things out there to you, the readers....

Lynn is ANOTHER YEAR OLDER!!! I won't say the age, lynn!!

But, Cindy, above with wait staff, and I got together with some of Lynn's friends and hopefully she was pleasantly surprised at the group that showed up for her BDay dinner at Taverna Agora, my favorite Greek place.

I will plug Taverna Agora- by saying the wait staff, food and atmosphere were all fantastic.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lynn and Danny

As hard as these rides have been they have made lynn so much stronger and she realizes this-Danny's knowledge and support seems to have meant a lot to her-

A Climatic Weekend of Training

Provided by Martin- Edited/published and modified with permission by lynn and joy.

Sunday: Lynn headed out sometime between 5:45am and 6:00am, again with the "blinkie." A storm was brewing so before I got into the car, I decided that the smarter thing to do was to wait. Then BIG lightening and thunder started! I thought, "CRAP!" I searched and found some rain gear. Aha! A gallon sized zip-lock bag with wind-breaker and rain jacket. I put this in a handy position near the door and left a message for Lynn that I was headed out to Pleasant Union Elementary, so that I could get it to her before the storm reached her.

I (Martin) was a mile down the road when Lynn called. She was sheltering under the carport at one of the churches at the corner of Bruce Garner and Rock Springs roads. She was dry because she stopped riding when she saw the lightening. It had not started raining where she was. I arrived at the church where Lynn was trying to decide what to do. It looked like the storm was easing off and was less threatening north. Lynn didn’t want to ride farther north. I offered to "leapfrog SAG" and direct Lynn onto lightly traveled roads. Lynn didn’t want to ride farther north. We loaded up her bike and headed for Raleigh.

We headed directly into some tremendous cloudbursts and lightening. It was very dark. Some (a few) cyclists were still riding through this?!? The storm finally passed. Lynn decided to re-start her ride after refilling her water bottles and making a quick wardrobe change.

Lynn re-started her ride around 10am or 10:30am. She called around 2:00pm to say she was doing all right. I mentioned that she doesn’t have to do an entire 150 miles. I knew I was wasting my breath. The next thing I knew, she was finished at around 5:00pm. Lucky’s odometer read 150.06 miles. Now that is what I call careful planning. Was that the longest solo ride of all training this year? Ask Lynn….

Lucky To the Rescue! (and a ride for Walter)

Weekend Training
Provided to us by Martin Edited/Modified and published with permission by Lynn and Joy

Lynn’s training schedule had been getting tougher the last few weekends, with back to back 100-milers July 26 & 27, back to back 120 milers Aug 2 & 3, and then back to back 150 milers the weekend of Aug 9&10.

Those of you who know Lynn, will not be surprised to hear that it is difficult to get her to talk about her training rides or to search more vigorously for riding partners.

Her Saturday ride started from her house at about 5:45am in the complete darkness that encompasses that hour this time of the year. With her rear "blinkie" in full operation, she set out to meet "Lucky" at the Finley YMCA about three miles from her house. No traffic.

At the Y, Lucky, who recently completed the Lake Placid Ironman in under 11 hours and a bonus riding partner, Mark wear waiting. Mark is a fairly regular Y riding partner and CNC riding partner from last fall.

The intrepid trio headed out on Six forks Rd across I-540 and points north. All "blinkies" were in operation. Sometime before reaching Franklinton, the "blinkies" were retired for the day, and Lynn’s cycling computer stared acting up, actually blinking at her. They turned around upon reaching US-1 just west of Franklinton and headed back toward Raleigh where Lynn’s computer finally died. Lynn didn’t care much about speed only the odometer reading—how else was she to be sure she was not cheating on her training schedule?!

Lucky to the rescue! He offered Lynn his wireless cycling computer for the weekend, or longer if she needed it. They stopped at the Stoney Hill Fire station and Lucky (with knife and zip ties supplied from the fireman) installed his computer on Lynn’s bike.

Somewhere around 50 miles, Lucky and Mark split off their separate ways for their respective homes. 50 miles of riding with partners: pretty good compared to some of the training rides, especially since the "Lake Placid" training group finished their training (and the Ironman). Lynn continued to the Y, refilled her water bottles, and decided to repeat the trip up Six Forks ->New Light->Bruce Garner->Pokomoke Road…to Franklinton, and returned. Rather than completely retrace the route on the return, Lynn decided to make a four-mile loop side trip across the flat Pleasant Union Church Rd. I (Martin) had finished my metric ride and was standing in the parking lot as Lynn rode by Pleasant Union Elementary – I don’t even know that she noticed me, or anyone else for that matter.

Soon thereafter, Lynn called from Finley Y to say she had completed a bit over 100 miles and was trying to figure out where to ride next. Walter and I drove out to meet her at 1pm at the Subway at Patterson and NC-98. Walter likes going for rides.

We got to the Subway about four minutes after 1pm, just as Lynn arrived on her bike. Walter was very excited! Lynn was also happy to see Walter. Walter enjoyed helping eat our tuna subs. Lynn remounted and headed out to ride her last 25 or so miles. She finished about an hour and a half later. Saturday done. Average pace about 18.2.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


About a week ago, Lynn took a fall on one of her many training rides. She emailed me that day and commented in a casual way in the email that she had bad road rash. Not knowing any better, I assumed it was a rash in her groin or other such private area and I did not ask much about it or seem the least bit concerned. Then, I saw her in person with a large scrape on her arm and a big round rug burn area on her shoulder. I asked in excitement, "What in the world happened?" She said, "I told you I had road rash." In addition to what was visible, apparantly, she said her back side took even more of the fall, but she was not bothered by it at all. She continues her training for the big ride in September. She does interval training in the middle of the week and long rides on Saturday and Sunday.

For those of you just joining the blog I wrote a bit about the blog previously and I will share it here:

To me, Lynn already embodies the spirit of American adventure- but I believe this ride will be in a way- a rite of passage for her or in this case a Ride of passage. It's interesting to me that she has chosen this particular moment in time-in her life- for the longest, hardest ride of her life-a ride that will take her - alone and collectively with others- through many cities, towns, cultures and I'd suppose- changes. What changes? I don't know. I'm sure she doesn't know. But - sometimes you just know that you know you are going to be changed by something. I think this will change her. I'm "joy"-My part is to share with the world or rather Lynn's circle of friends, whatever she wants shared while on her cycling adventures...and of course to add my own commentaries on the journey. So, as the journey unfolds, I'll be here-writing for or as "Lynn." I don't know much about "cycling language" or what it could possibly feel like to ride hundreds of miles a day. But, I'll use my imagination to report to you whatever I hear in Lynn's voice or whatever I feel through her words or pictures.

I'm proud of Lynn-all that she is and might continue to become in this life-She is a wonderfully unique person and just as E.E. Cummings said, "To be nothing but yourself a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you somebody else – Means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting." That-- I understand. So my words to Lynn are trust in your own unfolding- It just happens. Even if you think this is just going to be one heck of a good workout.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Picture and Update

Point of clarification- I will not be checking this as often until Lynn is on her ride across the USA.

This picture was given to me to post - It is Lynn and Crazy Tom on the Century!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I have recently been told that people were not able to comment. I have now enabled "ALL" users to be able to comment- Previously, I had enabled only registered users to be able to comment. Hopefully, this has resolved the problem-- so you ALL will be able to comment on her training and of course on the SEPTEMBER Ride across the USA! The comments will not be published immediately but I will release them on at least a daily basis for Lynn to access and enjoy.
Thanks for your patience.

Late pictures from Brag

And- last but not least of all ---a Picture of the infamous CrazyTom and Lynn. They are holding out bandanas after finishing the century on Wed. in Dublin. The first 200 finishers received bandanas. Way to go guys!

Late Pictures from Brag

Louis and Lynn in Jessup on Friday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Last few pictures of Brag

These are the last few pictures I have of Lynn

and her ride in Georgia. I hope she will send a few more but for now--- The picture above is Lamar, I think....

Lynn and her posse in the picture to the left. Louis, as you may remember-- is the bearded gentleman in the picture.

I plan on blogging some on Lynn's training prior to the big ride across the country so please check back with us to follow her progress. Right now, I hope she gets her ankle and foot swelling checked out-Otherwise, she has said she feels great - so back to training it is-

Also, not directly related to cycling-There may be a few surprises for everyone (including Lynn) on the blog --oh about Late August....I will send an email reminder out to you, the readers--once in a while so I hope you continue to read and enjoy....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Brag 2008

This is Lynn on her bike at the end of the ride on Friday. Great accomplishment Lynn!! Now, The big one is Next!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last Ride

Lynn's last ride yesterday was a short ride (56 miles) and flat. There was one stretch of shake and bake but that was not too bad. Mostly, she rode alone on this ride. Riding into St Simon's there was a lot more traffic than there had been --but as she said that, it didn't seem to phase her either.

After the ride, Lynn said she saw Crazy Tom in tights and a cape and he was wearing a bright pink wig. Can you imagine him on the bike trying to get into a superman pose in that outfit?

Lynn also went by a dead armadillo without decorations. But, she asked Lamar who was behind her if the animal had beads when he went by and he said, "Yes" and just shook his head. She could just imagine Crazy Tom in that "get-up" riding over the armadillo decorating it as he zoomed past.

She then took a long bus ride back to Oxford where her brother picked her up and took her to Atlanta to spend the night.

This morning, she is on the way back to the good state of NC. There was sadness and fatigue in her voice. She was really worried about this week but she said everyone was so good to her there. She met some fantastic people. Louis seemed to be very special to her. Dave and Lamar and Audrey were also apparently great. She was very thankful to Dave for introducing her to Audrey. The whole Posse will definitely be missed by her. I'm sure she will try to keep in touch with them all. She asked me to extend a big thank you to everyone who made her feel so loved this week.

Lynn's ankle held up good, though the swelling is still there. Over this week, she logged about 555 miles of riding! Yet, she is worried about not working out today. Can you believe her?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

FRIDAY's report on Lynn's ride

Lynn pulled in a little 14 year old to ride with but he sounded great- very polite and respectful as well as complimentary. She said she had a fantastic time and was happy to be icing her ankle under a palm tree in the shade with a lovely breeze. She said they were definitely in the deep south now! But she also knew exactly what town- "Jessup" - not sure of the spelling of the town. She said that the breeze and friendly people were just some of the southern characteristices which were engulfing her body, mind and spirit. She feels so good she has got to be hoping she is not going to peak before her "big ride."

When she got back from her ride, she stretched out her legs some and "enjoyed" the smell of pork rinds- ha- which they are selling - She-- of course- doubts any of the riders are buying this delicious southern delicacy :S (if you don't know me- I too am being facetious.)

The picture is of her basking in the sun-it was paired with a voicemail talking about the hot sun- of course in the next few breaths she was talking about missing hot yoga- I personally don't know how she could miss Monica and hot yoga when she is riding in scorching heat everyday. But- she does. Hey- I guess -when you're hot your hot. ;) That is -Hats off to Lynn - for another successful ride.

Friday, June 13, 2008


It's been wild for me today, I have been tied up in conferences, debates, deliberations or other such events including a special awards dinner with a speaker etc. etc. I have not been very accessible for Lynn. And, I could not get wireless Internet last night. Today, I was tied up from 7am until now- it's around 11:30pm. Between voting on amendments and debating issues, I did squeeze in a post and I did have a glass of wine at dinner so that helped ease my day a bit. I lifted my glass and thought of Lynn, sent some positive thoughts and even said a little prayer-Unfortunately though, I have not been able to take any phone calls which might have been better for Lynn then my thoughts and prayers.

The good news is I did get information about the ride from a couple of voice mails. From the messages and the tone of her voice on each of them, I came to the conclusion that she was in good spirits earlier and then fatigue set in on her.

Lynn and her posse took the shuttle into town to the village pizza place for dinner tonight- she sounded in good spirits at that time- although when she started to name the town, she realized she did not "know where she was"--

If you want to see the town name, please go to the link I placed in the very first post- I, myself am too tired to look it up. She said it was "a lot of shake and bake" on the roads today---Even more than that though, she elaborated, "These are the roughest roads I've ever been on in my life."

She also said she did the hammerhead option- which put her riding about 79 miles. She averaged about 18.9 mph.

It was evident in the later voicemail, that she was tired. She said she was lying in her tent and there were bright security lights shining in on her. She cussed the lights on voicemail and then softly said for the second or third time in my messages-how thankful she was for Danny and how he helped her prepare for this by getting her into shape.

She said she had hardly slept since the beginning of this ride. Hmmm- that may be an area we should all help her brainstorm about- as she will NEED sleep on the ride across the country- oh wait- I think they are actually staying in hotels for that- I'll check on it.

Anyway, one story she told on her new riding buddy- part of her posse- "Crazy Tom" is this--

He belongs to a team called "Road Kill" - as they ride along if they see a dead animal, they stop and put beads around them. For example, dead rabbit or dead snake-it doesn't matter, as long as the body is not completely mutilated- the team stops and puts jewelry around "their little heads."

I thought I'd leave you all with that- I'm not quite sure how I feel about that- I probably need time to "process" that a bit- is it honoring them or just plain "crazy"- You be the judge---it's just too bad I have the images in my head right before bed. Thanks lynnnnnnnnn!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please see this addition to the last post

I apparently omitted the last sentence of Martin's report for yesterday IT IS VERY Important! After that ride:

"Apparently, Tom told Lynn that she was strong – strong. In response to that compliment, Lynn wants to say: 'Thank you, Danny.'"

Official Cycling Report

I am extremely busy into the night with my conference-Also wireless problems so I was glad to get an official report - using cycling language and everything!! So here it is copied and pasted for your reading pleasure. Thank you, Martin--Joy

Official Report By Martin:

"...Lynn and Audrey started riding at 6:00 a.m.. They were still in warm-up mode when two sets of two riders joined up with them, so there was six total riders, I guess. Soon after, Audrey turned off to do the 60-ish mile option, so that left five. A little after that, a really fast pace-line, headed by Aaron’s Racing Team with some strong-strong riders caught Lynn’s group … and Lynn’s group tacked onto that fast group.

About 30 miles into the ride, Lynn reports that she commented to Tom – whom she had not previously met – that if she attempted to hang on to 24-25 mph for the rest of the ride that she would be toast, and Tom responded “oh, we’re not going to keep up this pace the rest of the way”. Soon thereafter, the entire group stopped at a rest stop for water, etc.. “Crazy” Tom, the Chapel Hill med student from the other day, and Lynn left before the Aaron’s part of the group in order to separate themselves.

A couple miles later, the med student being at the end of the three person pace-line, started giving a countdown: here they come ... 300 yards ... 200 yards ... 100 yards ... 100 feet ... Whoosh! ... Gone past. The med student went with the Aaron’s group, so Tom and Lynn traded off the lead on their two-person “pace-line” for the rest of the ride (much of which was apparently on very rough “shake and bake” roads).

It was during the 2-person “pace-line” riding that Lynn discovered at least one reason why she would label Tom as “crazy”. Coasting downhill, Tom used his tri-bars and the saddle to get into a perfectly horizontal position with his legs extended back over the rear wheel. For those of us that know Lynn, even if she did not have her core and balance issues, there is no way she would ever contemplate riding in such a position on the bike.

Tom and Lynn finished their 104 mile century a little before noon. Lynn’s stats were 104 miles in 5 hrs, 24 min of ride time...."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lynn and Audrey

I'm pretty sure this is Lynn and her new riding buddy- Audrey. I think Audrey had to leave the ride today. I know that's sad for Lynn. She seemed to really enjoy Audrey's company. I'm sure she has been looking for a new riding partner and I hope she will find someone for that 100 mile ride in the morning. Isn't it funny how their shirts match?!?! Kindred spirits-- I suppose.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rise and Shine-it's Day 3

Some camped indoors last night-I think Lynn was amused by this- she sent a photo. She opted- of course, for the "heat" outdoors. Today is Day 3 of riding- They ride to Dublin where they will camp for two nights. Wed. is when they offer 30, 60 and 100 mile options or they can just hang out at camp-I'm sure Lynn will just be hanging out- HA!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Email from Lynn

Tonight, I received an email from Lynn. She had access to a computer! That makes this update easier for me. She is camping at First Presbyterian Day School in Macon. That's where they had access to computers.

In her email, she clearly expressed that she had a nice ride and it didn't seem to be as hot ---of course, she started at 6am and finished at 11am today. She did more miles then most as she does the hammerhead option. It seems that each day she worries a bit about finding someone to finish out this longer ride option. This time, she said she found a Young man (a med student at UNC) -imagine that -finding a NC fellow there-She was definitely glad to find someone to ride with her on the long ride. Each day so far she's started the rides with a new friend, Audrey. But, I don't think Audrey does the long ride. Audrey sounds like an incredible and strong woman though (a breast cancer survivor). The only negative comments Lynn made was that there were about 11 miles of really AWEFUL roads which were jarring to her body.

As far as her ankle, she says it is better and I think she gets some assistance from the "sweet" man pictured here - I believe he helps her out with the ice pack each day. He is one of the "posse"- that's what she is now calling them- His name is Lewis. I think she arrives at camp each day a bit before them, I'm sure she scouts out the amenities around camp and then directs them to what they need (the towel lady, the showers, the food, the llama, massages, etc.)

Tonight, she did not have a meal ticket and I forgot to ask her how/what she was able to eat today. Hopefully, it was a good meal to keep her strength up. I think Wed she can choose a 100 mile option. She said her "Posse" would be disappointed if she didn't do it.

We'll see if she's up to it- My guess would be she is going to go for it! Afterall, this is practice for September.

Ready, Set, Go

Well, she's off... 100 degree weather and a swollen ankle did not stop her. Lynn is officially on the go. It sounds like she searched and searched for anyone she knew and then searched and searched for someone who would ride as far and as fast as she does. She ended up finding someone to ride at her speed and an early riser too! I think that must have worked out well as her most recent voicemail indicated she was going to be dining with this woman and some of her friends tonight. I hope she is eating and drinking enough. We know how vital that is for anyone on a ride like this. Her voicemail also sounded very chipper! Lamar, Louis and Dave seem to be her new "peeps".... it sounds like they have fun together. Hopefully, by this hour she has iced her ankle and despite the heat is getting some good rest in that little tent of hers.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ride of passage

To me, Lynn already embodies the spirit of American adventure- but I believe this ride will be in a way- a rite of passage for her or in this case a Ride of passage. It's interesting to me that she has chosen this particular moment in time-in her life- for the longest, hardest ride of her life-a ride that will take her - alone and collectively with others- through many cities, towns, cultures and I'd suppose- changes. What changes? I don't know. I'm sure she doesn't know. But - sometimes you just know that you know you are going to be changed by something. I think this will change her. I'm "joy"-My part is to share with the world or rather Lynn's circle of friends, whatever she wants shared while on her cycling adventures...and of course to add my own commentaries on the journey. So, as the journey unfolds, I'll be here-writing for or as "Lynn." I don't know much about "cycling language" or what it could possibly feel like to ride hundreds of miles a day. But, I'll use my imagination to report to you whatever I hear in Lynn's voice or whatever I feel through her words or pictures.
I'm proud of Lynn-all that she is and might continue to become in this life-She is a wonderfully unique person and just as E.E. Cummings said, "To be nothing but yourself a world which is doing its best, night and day to make you somebody else – Means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting." That-- I understand. So my words to Lynn are trust in your own unfolding- It just happens. Even if you think this is just going to be one heck of a good workout.